Antonine Sisters School, Aitanit, West Bekaa

Laboratory Equipment and Materials

The Antonine Sisters School was first established in the year 1949 through a Lebanese emigrant wishing to provide education to students of his hometown village of Aitanit. Run by the Antonine Sisters, the school now enrolls 295 students coming from Aitanit and nine surrounding villages.

Many of the students are unable to afford tuition, or only able to pay a portion, or in long-term installments. This coupled with the death of the founder has created a deficit for the school. The school must look to beneficiaries to provide materials such as laboratory equipment, closets for the kindergarten sections, floor tiling, desks, and covering the playground.

Previously, there was not a science laboratory in the school. All chemistry, physics and biology experiments were limited to a few materials. $14,000 allowed the Antonine Sisters School to construct a laboratory with cabinets, stools, and benches as well as equip it with basic physics, chemistry and biology materials. 

Through the support of EOL with this project, 248 students enrolled will be able to benefit from this equipment and increase their level of scientific knowledge.