Chris Loops for the Children


"Help others. If you feel upset at the world, then you help someone else. It will bring you to a place of peace and joy for many, many years to come."

Christopher Rudy Seikaly

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Chris Loops for the Children is a continuing memorial fund aimed to honor the young life and legacy of Christopher Rudy Seikaly. In celebration of the short time he spent with us, we are sharing Christopher’s legacy of kindness, compassion and eagerness to care for the deprived, by serving underprivileged school children in his home country Lebanon.

To know Chris, was to love him…He was a gifted artist with a caring vibrant soul. He lived a blissful life of contentment, serenity, art and music; to him the secret to happiness was helping others, spreading kindness and joy all around him. Chris shared his love through unique upbeat artistic and musical creations. It is foreseeable to picture him now sharing his art, music and bubbly personality with his loved ones up above, just like he always did here on earth. The amount of love that continues to be shown towards him is truly humbling and speaks volume of the loving caring and gentle soul he was. Chris would certainly delight in knowing that thanks to his giving spirit, many unfortunate children will have a better chance at education and life.

In honor of Chris we are delivering tuition assistance to 55 students in 10 different schools across Lebanon – Marjeyoun and Mejdlaya, South Lebanon, Hoch Hala, Bekaa, Batroun, North Lebanon, Jbeil, Mt. Lebanon

We are also working with 3 other schools – Hammana and Kfarshima, Mt. Lebanon and Beit Lahia, Bekaa to provide over 600 students with computer and science labs and equipment.

And remember! When we teach, we learn, and when we learn, we empower and then the sky is not the limit…

This is the short story of Christopher Rudy Seikaly, but there was so much more to him and the 24 years he lived…We invite you to sit back for a few moments and enjoy the life of Chris.


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