High School Students Scholarship Fund

Scholarships for 55 needy high school students from across Lebanon

Students from the ten schools below received EOL scholarships providing them with the funds needed to complete their high school education.

1. Saint Anthony of Padua - Hoch Hala / Bekaa
2. Saint Elie School - Batroun / North Lebanon
3. Saint Elie School -Zahle / Bekaa
4. Notre Dame of Salutation School - Chekka / North Lebanon
5. Saint Joseph School - Jbeil / Mount Lebanon
6. Notre Dame School - Mejdlaya / North Lebanon
7. Mar Antonios School - Khaldiye - Zgharta / North Lebanon
8. Notre Dame School - Kfarchima / Mount Lebanon
9. Saint Joseph School - Zahle / Bekaa
10. Sacred Hearts School -Marjeyoun / South Lebanon

The 55 students all come from impoverished families with parents who, at best, hold menial jobs. Many parents are unemployed, handicapped, or deceased.

The schools were selected to cover all areas of Lebanon and the neediest students were identified by school administrators. All of the students assisted had earned above-average grades.

You can explore an interactive map of all the schools with scholarship students by clicking on the image below.