GPR sponsors Ray Of Hope project

GPR is a highly specialized glazing company based in Northern Virginia. For several years the company has been a proud supporter of Education and Opportunities for Lebanon. Past contributions were made to school projects and scholarship funds.

This year GPR is making a big commitment to sponsor a $50,000 project for special needs students. Ray of Hope is located in Zahle in the Bekaa region of Lebanon. It was established in 1994 and is dedicated to helping those with mental and/or physical disabilities. Children who need specialized help are often marginalized or neglected, especially in regions where the parents are struggling to make a living. The facility currently serves 170 students and when the construction of the new building is complete, it will be home to over 400 with special needs.

Khalil Rouhana, Executive Vice President of GPR says, “In an area where special needs students are often overlooked, Ray of Hope provides an oasis for these kids to blossom and reach their full potential.”

“This generous donation from GPR is allowing us to serve an important population for which we do not normally have the resources,” said Kathy Feghali, chairperson of EOL. “Over the nine years we have been in operation, our fundraising has grown over twenty-fold, but the needs in Lebanon have accelerated even faster.”

EOL/CNEWA is honored to have GPR pledge to such a vital project. All donations made to Ray of Hope will be matched dollar-for- dollar by GPR.