Klayaa – South Lebanon: Saint George School

Clean drinking water, increased safety, walkways


Saint George School is located along the Israeli-Lebanon border and serves 150 students from the surrounding villages. The area continues to face economic hardships after regional conflicts and wars; many of the students are unable to pay their tuition fees. In addition, the school provides for 17 Iraqi and 4 Syrian students whose families sought refuge in the area.

The sisters are currently seeking funds to install a potable water filter and restore the piping network. Although the students are warned the water is not filtered, many continue to drink the unsafe water. 

In addition to the potable water network, the school hopes to makes several additions to protect its students. With our help they can install steel defense bars on the windows and build a covered walkway between buildings to protect students from the rain.

This project is being matched by MCN Build - each dollar you give is worth two.