Alma el Shaab – South Lebanon: Holy Family School

Furniture for two classrooms

Located in the extreme south of Lebanon, the village of Alma El Shaab is home to some of the country’s poorest citizens. The Holy Family School enrolls 250 students from the surrounding villages, 150 of whom suffer from major financial difficulties. Currently the population is mostly farmers who depend on the cultivation of tobacco and olives, providing an unstable and low income.

The school also suffered damage due to shelling in the 2006 war.  In 2013, EOL provided the school with a new computer lab for the students, and the need continues.

The school once again faces an urgent need for furniture for two classrooms including student desks, a teachers desk for each, bulletin boards, and supply closets. Although the amount is not much, it will certainly have a high impact on the lives of the children who spend around seven hours daily at school using decrepit chairs and desks.