Congrégation des Soeurs Antonines Schools, Rmeich and Debel, South Lebanon

60 computers donated to two schools in Southern Lebanon

The Antonine Sisters’ Congregation, or Congrégation des Soeurs Antonines, is an order of nuns in Lebanon who trace their origins back to a Lebanese cloister at the beginning of the 18th Century.

Astonishingly, they operate 21 school establishments in Lebanon and abroad. Their mission is to educate and aid by adopting the most appropriate and the most recent methods of pedagogy: educating and teaching while providing the most adequate training facilities while fostering openness, solidarity, conviviality and dialogue of cultures at all levels—ecumenical, political and inter-religious.

Education Opportunities of Lebanon was able to provide much-needed computers to two of the schools operating in the poorer regions of Lebanon. 40 computers were donated to the school in Rmeich, which educates 520 students from the town directly on the Lebanese-Israeli border. 20 Computers were donated to the 121 students at the school in Debel. Debel is also located in the poor Southern region of Lebanon and supports a population of mostly of olive and tobacco farmers.

The donation of these computers was thanks to the generous donation of comScore, Inc., a global leader in digital measurement and analytics.