Broummana, Metn: St. Vincent de Paul School

Provide bedding and clothing for needy students

Located approximately 15km from Beirut, the St. Vincent de Paul School provides education, food and lodging for 120 children aged between three and 12 years. Many of these children come from families suffering from socio-economic difficulties forcing them to live as full time boarders. The school also operates on a shoestring budget. The dormitories were in desperate need of new mattress covers, sheets, pillows and blankets and the children needed new uniforms and shoes.

The sisters serve the children with happiness and provide them with a warm environment to live in, learn, and grow up with dignity. The sisters who run the school take great care to repair old uniforms and shoes as best they can, passing clothing down to the younger children unable to purchase their own clothing, but this can only go so far without additional help. We were able to raise $27,800 to buy new bedding, clothes and shoes for these neediest of children.

Trying on new shoes