Antonine Sisters Congregation Schools, throughout Lebanon

$11,250 ($22,500 total)
Tuition assistance for 25 students

The order of Saint Anthony was founded in Lebanon in the 1700s. Now, the Antonine sisters’ institutions pertaining to educate, in Lebanon and abroad, count twenty-one school establishments; ten are at the secondary level. Most of these institutions are trilingual
(French, English and Arabic) and educate some fifteen thousand students in a given school year.

The Lebanese schools in particular have passed through harsh times during the Lebanese
war. These schools are aware of the economic difficulties parents are enduring and the urgent need to help them so that they can continue paying for their children’s education.

Last year EOL was able to provide tuition assistance to 18 students enrolled at Antonine Sisters Congregation Schools in grade 11. Thanks to ongoing donations, those 18 students and an additional 7 are able to continue their education, complete grade 12, and graduate.