Sehaileh: Father Roberts Institute for the Deaf and Mute Children

Hearing aids for 10 students

Founded in 1966 by Father Ronald Roberts, the school’s mission is to provide education, training and support for hearing impaired children. The institute empowers children with hearing deficiencies through education and training as well as offering income generation projects to enable them become productive members of society.

Out of the 110 children, 50 who either belong to poor families or commute from remote villages, live fully at the expense of the institution where they are provided with food, shelter, medical care, specialized academic and/or technical education and support.

There is considerable variation in the levels and types of childhood deafness. Deaf children may have a permanent mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss in one or both ears or a temporary loss such as glue ear. Presently, out of the existing 110 children suffering from hearing disabilities, 20 are in need of hearing aids according to the audiologist. The cost of each hearing aid is $ 1100. With $ 22,000, 20 children will have access to sound through the hearing aids. 20 disabled children will be able to better communicate and develop their language and learning.