Ghazir, Mt. Lebanon : Saint Francis School

Years ago, the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross Congregation in Lebanon bought an old monastery in Ghazir, a rural area of Mount Lebanon, and transformed it into a school. “Saint Francis” now enrolls 271 students in the three old monastery buildings.

The sisters do their best to maintain all the equipment and furniture of the school, yet many times they are faced with a difficult situation when older equipment becomes defunct or goes out of order. Currently there is a pressing need to install carpeting before the winter hits. Currently, the little children of this mountainous region are sitting on shabby rugs.

In addition, the school currently has only five computers which is insufficient to teach the minimum number of ten students important computer skills. They need five more computer screens and associated cables. Less than 8,000 dollars will allow the school to replace the old rugs to ensure to comfort of its students, add five more computers to the classroom, and even replace the old photocopier.

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