Beit Habbak, Jbeil : Blessed Sacrament Orphanage and School


In 1969, Father Geara the Blessed Sacrament Orphanage and School in Beit Habbak, Jbeil, and a group of devoted teachers for the aim of sheltering and educating the needy poor and abandoned girls.For more than 50 years, the Blessed Sacrament Sisters have been providing the poor children of the institution with care, shelter and education. Today, the Blessed Sacrament Institution consists of an orphanage, a primary and secondary school, a technical school and a dispensary.

The school provides education to 1,300 students from over thirty surrounding villages. In addition, eighty boarding girls reside at the orphanage.

Blessed Sacrament Orphanage and School is in need of such basics as mattresses, pillows, and blankets for these boarding girls. Only $14,542 is needed to furnish these bedrooms and allow the girls who live there the basics of comfort.