Beit Habbak, Jbeil : Blessed Sacrament Orphanage and School


In 1969, Father Geara and a group of devoted teachers established the Blessed Sacrament Orphanage and School in Beit Habbak, Jbeil. They built a safe haven to shelter and educate needy and abandoned girls. For over 50 years, the Blessed Sacrament Sisters have been providing poor children with care, lodging and education. Today, the Blessed Sacrament Institution houses 80 orphaned female students. The primary, secondary and technical schools are now coeducational. The school dispensary not only serves the students but also many of their parents who do not have the means to seek healthcare elsewhere.

1,300 students from over thirty surrounding villages attend the school. Over the past few years, EOL completed two projects at the school—a computer lab with 30 laptops donated by comScore and a $42,542 structural improvement project, financed with MCN Build

The orphanage now desperately needs some very basic items—mattresses, pillows, and blankets for the 80 girls who reside at the school. The total cost is $14,542 or $181.78 per orphaned student.