Baalbeck : The National Maronite School

equipment to serve the students

The National Maronite School in Baalbeck was reopened in 1997, and they are working hard to serve over six hundred students. Many of the students are only able to pay partial tuition, so the school struggles to provide education opportunities with limited funds.

So many basic pieces of equipment that can be taken for granted will help transform the ability of the school to teach and operate. We are raising funds that will allow them to purchase equipment to outfit a laboratory for science classes. In addition the school will be able to purchase computers for the students so they can complete the very important technical aspects of education. The final pieces of equipment the National Maronite School desperately needs are for administrative tasks.

With only $17,561 in funding, this school will be able to transform its daily operations and more importantly, better educate the students of Baalbeck.