Kfarshima, Mt. Lebanon : St. Maxim Gratuity School

Heaters, Educational Materials, Science Equipment

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St. Maxim Gratuity School is located, like many Catholic gratuity schools, in a remote and neglected area where many students belong to needy families. However, the school enrolls all students regardless of their ability to pay tuition. The school provides an education for 280 diverse students from Lebanon as well as displaced Syrian and Palestinian children. 

The school is need of materials to continue it's mission. This includes scientific equipment and material which will enable students to put what they theoretically learn in science classes into practice.  Current research has established a substantial relationship between the use of manipulative materials and students' achievement. Play is the mechanism by which children learn—how they experience their world, practice new skills, and internalize new ideas. The school is also in need of educational games to serve the children age 3-12. 

In addition, funds are being raised for such basic needs as carpets and heaters to keep the students warm in winter and focused on their studies in a healthy atmosphere.