Hammana, Mt. Lebanon : St. Joseph School

Computers for Computer Lab

The Sacred Heart sisters’ congregation established Saint Joseph school in Hammana, Mount Lebanon, in the year 1892. Today, the school serves 240 students coming from Hammana and surrounding 8 villages. However, many of the students are unable to pay the full tuition fees and the school continues to teach 72 students who are unable to contribute to their tuition at all.

As part of the academic curriculum in Lebanon, schools should provide two hours per week computer lessons to all their students in all the classes. Saint Joseph school had only 16 computers which were old and most of the time out of order. Even when they were operating, they functioned at slow pace - thus turning the computer learning hours into recreational hours and losing the vital lessons that they fundamentally need to continue their studies and later to use in their work. Due to their limited resources, the school was unable to provide new computers.

That’s where EOL stepped in! We were able to fund 16 new computers for the students as well as the necessary programs such as UPS, Windows, and Office. Thanks to you, the students of Hammana will be able to continue their crucial computer studies.