Broumana : Saint Vincent de Paul School and Boarding School

Computer and Scientific Laboratory

Saint Vincent de Paul School and Boarding School enrolls 335 students and provides boarding to 120 children between the age of 3 and 12 years; the majority of the boarding students are children suffering from socio-economic difficulties such as their parent's unemployment. In addition, the institution also takes care of 120 Syrian and Iraqi refugee children providing them with daily meals and studies, 36 of whom are boarders unable to contribute at all to boarding or tuition fees.

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The sister's of this school not only provide an education and meals to their students, but also provide necessities such as stationary, uniforms, books, and shoes to the many needy children who attend the institution. As well as staff and teachers they also provide a full time psychologist and social worker, since many children reach the institution suffering from different traumas.

EOL has previously helped this incredible institution operating on a shoestring budget to raise funds to provide clothing and bedding.

The school was in desperate need of technology to provide important lessons for their students. The old computer room operated on 5 outdated laptops insufficient for any computer classes. The funds raised through EOL provided the school with technology to equip a scientific and computer laboratory including 15 computers, a projector, speakers, a microscope, and  the computer programs that are so important to learn. Just look at these happy children and their new scientific equipment!

This project is funded in memory of
Eva Catherine Fraiji Malouf

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