Beit Lahia, Bekaa : St. George School

Student and teacher desks

EOL OF1g8Ppp.jpeg

Saint George School is located along the Israeli-Lebanon border and serves 146 students from the surrounding villages. The area continues to face economic hardships after regional conflicts and wars; many of the students are unable to pay their tuition fees. And with the recent influx of Syrian refugees following the war in Syria, more than 2,000 Syrian refugees found shelter in the village. 

The school equipment dated back 30 years, to the original furniture supplied by the Ministry of Education. Some items were broken and many others required maintenance. There was an immediate need to provide the school with 70 desks, 9 teachers’ desks, and chairs. In addition, EOL raised funds to provide laboratory equipment which the school lacks.

Thanks to your generosity - this school now has the furniture and equipment it needs to serve the students!