Saint Anthony School, Saghbine

12 laptops

St. Anthony's school is located in Saghbine village, an agricultural village whose 500 annual residents swell to 3,000 in the summertime. The school provides education for 80 students - the majority who come from the families of fruit farmers with modest means. Unfortunately, a majority of the students cannot pay the whole tuition fee and some cannot pay any at all, causing the school to operate at a deficit.


In addition to education, St. Anthony operates a dispensary that helps care for over 1,000 patients a month. Students, their families, and villagers from the surrounding villages who cannot afford high costs of medical care are treated by doctors specializing in Gynecology, General Medicine, Cardiology and Diabetes.

EOL was able to replace the old computers in the technology lab. The old computers no longer allowed for new software installation and so were no longer useful for educational purposes. Thanks to EOL, 97 students have access to 12 new laptops with windows and office programs. This allows the students to improve the level of their education and to acquire more knowledge about the outside world.