Sacred Hearts Sisters School, Dhour el Choueir

Waterproofing and Repairs

In 1889, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart congregation established a school in the middle of Dhour Choueir village, a mountainous town in the Mount Lebanon region, with the aim of educating the children of this remote area. The town was on the front line during the Lebanese Civil War. In 1994, due to the increasing number of students and the need to enlarge the school, the sisters bought a new plot of land and constructed the present school.

Today the Sacred Heart Sisters’ school provides education to around 230 students from Dhour Choueir and the surrounding villages. The sisters take into consideration the high cost of living in the country, and the financial difficulties most families are undergoing, so they try to assist the families through providing discounts on the tuition fees of the students.

For years, the school building has been suffering from water leakage problems that damaged the wall and ceiling paint - especially in winter when the weather in that region gets extremely cold and with snowfall. It was creating an unhealthily humid environment for the students. The leakage problem was located in different places throughout the school: the roof and overhead windows in the third floor rooms, in ground floor classes adjacent to the street, and in hallways, classrooms and staircases.

The $22,730 raised allowed for extensive repairs and weatherproofing throughout the school. This project helped to reduce humidity that is jeopardizing the health of the students, keeps them warm in winter, and improves their studying environment. The more the infrastructure of the institution upgraded, the better education the students can be provided. Thanks to EOL, waterproofing and repairs were conducted throughout the school. 

Warm and dry. (note: not a student in Dhour el Choueir)

Warm and dry. (note: not a student in Dhour el Choueir)