St. Moura School, Bkerzla

Playground Equipment and Office Supplies

The Congregation of the Maronite Holy Family Sisters began their work in Bkerzla, North Lebanon in 1945. The sisters started to achieve the objective of their mission by offering educational and social services to the poor in the region. In 1949, the congregation built a new school near the church and began to accept students of all faiths from the nearby villages.

Today, Saint Moura’s complementary school enrolls 235 students of a variety of faiths. Although it is a private school, St. Moura’s has some of the lowest tuition rates; despite this, many of the students are still unable to pay the full fee. 

Previously, the school photocopier was out of order and desperately needed replacement in addition to a fax machine and other office supplies to support the running of the school. In addition playground equipment was needed to enhance cognitive thinking and interactive skills.

Thanks to EOL, the school was able to provide the preschool students toys and a playground as well as better serve their students with a new photocopier, fax machine, and stationary. These simple additions will make a dramatic difference in the lives of the students and sisters.

The new playground provided by EOL is already in use!