Antonine Sisters Saint Joseph School, Debel

Laboratory Equipment and Material

Saint Joseph school was founded in 1954 by the Antonine sisters. Similar to many villages of South Lebanon, Debel has suffered the hostilities of consecutive wars. Throughout these years, the population of the village lived through difficult political and economic situations, including significant destruction of homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

The majority of the population depends on agriculture, mainly tobacco and olives. Many families have migrated either to Beirut or abroad in search for better and secure life. The majority of the students are unable to pay their entire tuition. The sisters provide all facilities and discounts to keep these students in the school and prevent them from dropping out.

The school lacked a laboratory. Similar to computer instruction, the laboratory facilities in all schools is part of the standard academic curriculum. The sisters prepared a room to be used as a laboratory but they lacked the necessary materials and equipment. $8,700 allowed them to complete the laboratory with all required educational materials including 2 storage closets, 2 trolleys, and 436 materials for chemistry, physics and biology.

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