Salhieh – Saida – South Lebanon: The Providence Home

Wall to reinforce buildings and prevent damage

Located in Salhieh village, East Saida region – South Lebanon, the Providence Home so called “Foyer de la Providence” was first established in 1966 as a shelter for orphans and children with difficult social cases. It is a social center belonging to the Basilian Salvatorian Order and this home was begun in 1974 with the construction of a technical school aiming to provide its children, who are deprived of support, with the drive to build a career and assure a decent future.

The Providence Home closed its doors from 1985 to 1992 during the Lebanese war and has fought hard to rehabilitate and carry on with its educational mission. Today, The Providence Home includes an orphanage, a dispensary, carpentry, steel and aluminum workshops, a technical school and a special school, as well as providing medical aid to over 350 patients a month. 

The orphanage shelters 114 boy and girl orphans or children coming from families with difficult social cases. The technical school enrolls annually around 239 students (including 64 boarders) who follow training courses in electronics, electricity, mechanic, carpentry and computer. Through its special school, the institution provides education to 83 disabled children who are monitored by specialized teachers, speech therapist and psychomotor specialists.

For several years, the Providence Home had a major problem that required immediate intervention: the wall that led to the technical and specialized school suffered from large cracks in several places and a serious tilt caused by the sliding soil. It was about to collapse and disintegrate. If the wall failed, it would have not only jeopardized the safety of the students and staff, but also cut off the main entrance to the technical and specialized school and caused additional structural damage.

Thanks to you and the generous support of MCN Build - EOL was able to fund the construction of a retaining wall to reinforce and prevent further damage.

This project is being matched by MCN Build - each dollar you give is worth two.

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